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Online, Remote, Virtual Therapy

Online/Remote/Virtual Therapy has shown to be equally effective as in person therapy, both in emerging research and from my personal experience and client feedback and recovery results.


However, with online therapy there are more advantages for the client, such as more flexible appointment times in the comfort of your own space, no travelling times, or issues with parking.


Online Therapy in times of COVID-19 is a safer option for both client and therapist and for the patient this widens the choice of therapist expertise available to the client rather than just see whoever is local to them, and instead they now have the option of a whole country of expertise available to choose from.


Therapy at Cognitize will be offered via a secure video link for their sessions, and telephone sessions are also available for non-trauma work.

Intensive EMDR & Trauma Focused CBT Programme

Jacky is able to offer bespoke Intensive EMDR Packages & Intensive Trauma Focused CBT Packages to clients who want to progress their healing of their PTSD symptoms and resolve their trauma memories at a faster pace.

Treatment ranges to all day sessions over 1-2 days, or daily sessions. Both methods have been shown to facilitate a vey rapid recovery and cut recovery time by half the amount of time compared to weekly therapy.

Please contact me to discuss your personal requirements & options.




CBT is used to treat depression, anxiety disorders, & phobias. Research has shown CBT to be very effective at helping people come to terms with negative thoughts emotions…

One of the more exciting developments in treating trauma is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Originally formulated by Dr Francine Shapiro in 1989…

It is important that sessions are regular, usually at a frequency of once a week, although Intensive EMDR sessions can be organised. Missed or cancelled sessions are chargeable…

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