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About Jacky Smith MSc

With over 24 years of experience working with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I continue to expand my passion for this area of work, expanding and continually training in a range of different therapies to help people recover from their range of traumatic experiences.

My aim is help you identify the source of your problems and then work with the best therapeutic approach to help you to resolve the current issues that you want to address, which often stem back from past traumatic experiences.

I have been in private practice since 1999. I have also worked for a range of companies as a therapist such as; Hampshire County Council from 2003-2008. From Oct 2008 - June 2009 I was an assistant teacher & supervisor on the MSc in Rational-Emotive & Cognitive Behaviour Therapy at Goldsmiths, University of London. I was also a Supervisor on the MSc course for EMDR at Worcester University from 2016 to 2019.

I worked as a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist & EMDR Therapist at the North London Priory Hospital from March 2009-Oct 2009 until moving to work within the NHS on the Isle of Wight in November 2009 where I worked in the IAPT Service as an EMDR Consultant & CBT Therapist. In April 2021 I joined Ascenti as a Senior EMDR Therapist as well as continuing to see private clients in my practice.

Since COVID-19 I have switched my practice to delivering therapy remote/online/virtual, and this has proved incredibly successful and popular with clients, as now, many clients outside the Isle of Wight can access the full range of therapies I offer at flexible times with no travel costs. I will continue to offer online therapy on a permanent basis as recovery rates have proven equal to in person therapy and client feedback on this style of therapy delivery has been resoundingly positive.

Governing Bodies:

Accredited member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy) number 569094,

Accredited EMDR Europe Approved Consultant with EMDR UK & Ireland (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing) membership number S124

Accredited Member of BABCP (British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies) number 060020,

Accredited Member of the AREBT (Association of Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy) number 0056.


2009 Presented on PTSD, EMDR & Complex Trauma to the North London Priory Hospital.

2011 Presented on PTSD & EMDR to the Junior Doctors Intake NHS Isle of Wight training afternoon in March

2011 Presented my MSc dissertation research to the Association of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (AREBT) June Conference.

2012 Presented on PTSD, EMDR and Complex Trauma to the Seven Acres Acute Hospital

2012: Presented on PTSD, EMDR & Complex Trauma to the Acute & Recovery Team.

2013: Presented on PTSD, EMDR & Complex Trauma to the Acute & Recovery Team.

2014 Presented Intensive EMDR versus Weekly EMDR at the EMDR Conference in Edinburgh.

2015 Presented on PTSD & Military veterans for SSAFA.

2015 Presented PTSD & The Treatments IAPT NHS isle of Wight.

2016 Presented on pilot study of Intensive EMDR versus Weekly EMDR at the EMDR Liverpool Conference March 2016.

2016 Presented on pilot study of Intensive EMDR versus Weekly EMDR at IAPT NSH Isle of Wight April 2016.

2016 Presented on pilot study of Intensive EMDR versus Weekly EMDR at the EMDR European Conference June 2016.

2016 Commenced teaching part time on The MSc in EMDR at Worcester University.

2017 Presented on pilot study of Intensive EMDR versus Weekly EMDR at the German EMDR Annual Conference.

2017 Presented on pilot study of Intensive EMDR versus Weekly EMDR in Psytrec Netherlands

2017 Presented on pilot study of Intensive EMDR versus Weekly EMDR at Worcester EMDR Trainer training.

2018-2020 ongoing EMDR workshops delivered together with Kevin Dudman for NHS Isle of Wight & NHS Dorset Trusts.


2017-2019 PG Cert in Research Methods University of Worcester

2011 EMDR Consultant Follow up day Dr Derek Farrell

2010 EMDR Consultant Training 4 Days EMDR Association

2006-2008 MSc Rational-Emotive & Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.  Prof Windy Dryden

2006 Primary Certificate in Advanced Cognitive Behaviour Skills, Professor Palmer

2006 One Day CBT Follow Up, Professor Stephen Palmer

2006 Two Day CPD Training in Advanced Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Skills by Professor Stephen Palmer

2004 Primary Certificate in Stress Management by Professor Stephen Palmer

2004 Certificate of Attendance in Basic Drug Awareness

2004 Certificate of Attendance in Assessing for Brief Focal Therapy Workshop

2004 Certificate of Attendance on the Brief Focal Therapy Workshop

2003 Certificate of Attendance in Record Keeping & Note Taking Within The Data Protection Act

2003 City & Guilds 7407 Certificate in Further Education Teaching Alton College

1996-1999    Diploma in Professional Counselling - Farnborough Technical College

1999      Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing Level 2 EMDR Institute INC

1998      Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing Level 1 EMDR Institute INC

1998      Certificate in Counselling Competency, Level Three - Farnborough Technical College

1998      ESTSS Certificate of Attendance in treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress

1997      Certificate in Bereavement and Loss - Farnborough Technical College

1997      Certificate in Advanced Counselling Skills - Farnborough Technical College

1997      Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy ICET

1997      101 Certificate in Transactional Analysis

Conferences & Workshops for Continuing Professional Development:

2021 Advanced Supervision Skills 1 day Prof Paul Grantham

2021 CBT for Anger SDS Seminars 1 Day Prof Ray DiGiuseppe

2021 Schema Therapy for Addictions 6 weeks

2021 Schema Therapy for Tough Cases 6 weeks

2021 Advanced Compassion focused Therapy Paul Gilbert 3 days

2021 EMDR & The Power of Relationships Jessica Woolliscroft 1 day

2021 DBT Distress Tolerance & Emotion regulation Tools 1 day

2021 Covid & Collective Trauma Conference 1 day

2021 Setting up an Intensive Trauma Service 20 hours Dr Suzy Matthjssen

2021 Treating Headaches with EMDR 1 day

2021 Calming the Inner Critic Kathy Steel 1 day

2021 Treating insomnia with EMDR 1day 2021 Treating eating Disorders with EMDR Pam Virdi 8 hours

2021 Compassion Focused Therapy for eating Disorders 3 days

2021 EMDR Conference 1 day

2021 BABCP Conference 1 days

2020 18 Week Schema Focused Training

2020 Compassionate Mind Training 3 days Chris Irons

2020 Compassionate Mind 3-day training in Shame Based Complex PTSD with Deborah Lee

2020 Single Session Therapy with Windy Dryden 1 day

2020 BABCP Conference 3 days

2020 BABCP 1-day Conference

2020 EMDR Conference 2 days

2020 EMDR Therapy & the treatment of Substance & Behavioural Addictions

2020 Helping Clients with Suicidal Ideation & Self harming Behaviours

2020 Elhers CBT for PTSD 2 days

2020 CBT for PTSD Southampton University 1.5 days

2020 Treating Dissociative Disorders – Dolores Mosquera & Kathy Steele

2020 Effective Treatment of Complex PTSD Ad De Jongh

2020 Effective Treatment of Phobias Ad De Jongh

2020 Behavioural Activation for depression 2 days

2020 EMDR for Psychosis

2020 EMDR for every Client Gus Murray 1 day

2020 EMDR for Autism

2020 Compassion Focused Therapy for Complex Cases

2019 EMDR Conference March 2 days

2019 EMDR Europe Conference Poland 4 days

2019 BABCP Conference September Bath

2018 EMDR Conference 2 days March London

2018 EMDR Europe Conference 4 days June

2018 BABCP Conference Glasgow 4 days July

2018 CBT for PTSD 1-day June

2017 BABCP Conference 4 days

2017 Complex Trauma & Anxiety disorders Ad De Jongh EMDR 2 days

2017 EMDR Trainer Training Worcester University 1 day

2017 EMDR Conference 2 days

2017 IESO Conference 1 day

2017 R-TEP & G-TEP EMDR 2-day training

2016 Blind to Therapist Protocol & Post Traumatic Growth & Positive Psychology Dr David Blore

2016 Overcoming perfectionism Roz Shafran

2016 CBT with depression (The Obstacle is the Path) Anne Garland

2016 Dissociation EMDR Sandra Paulson Oct 2days

2016 EMDR Tool Box Jim Knipe Oct 2 days

2016 OCD with Joy McGuire 1 day June

2016 EMDR European Conference Hague 4 days

2016 BABCP Conference Belfast June 4 days

2016 EMDR Conference Liverpool 2 days March

2015 EMDR Bristol OCD/Grief & Jealously by Paul keen 1 day

2015 York EMDR Conference Oct 1 day

2015 EMDR Unleased Dr Laurel Parnell London Sept 3 days

2015 4-day BABCP Conference July

2015 two-day EMDR Conference Brighton March

2015- Military Veteran Training 1 day by South Berkshire Veteran Service

2015- One session CBT for Phobias Professor Lars Goran Ost 1 Day Charlie Waller Institute.

2014 Compassion focused Therapy London 1 day Prof Paul Gilbert

2014 EMDR Conference Edinburgh June 4 days

2014 CBT for Insomnia Oxford Therapy Centre 2 days

2013 CBT Imagery, Dissociation & The Brain Oxford Therapy Centre 4 days

2013 BABCP Conference London 4 Days July

2013 EMDR Europe Conference Geneva 3 days June

2013 Trauma Focused CBT for Complex Trauma Lusia Stoppard & Suzzane Sam: Southampton University 1 day.

2013 EMDR Conference Attachment & EMDR 1 day

2012 EMDR & Pain 2-day Dr Mark Grant: EMDR Association

2012 AREBT Conference 1 day

2012 Foundation Certificate in Life Tracking. Kinesiology Federation

2012 EMDR & Clinical Supervision Dr Derek Farrell 1 day

2012 Treating Comorbid PTSD & Depression Reg Nixon BABCP Conference 1 Day

2012 BABCP Spring Conference 1 day

2012 Understanding & Treating OCD Prof. Sabine Wilhelm 1 Day

2012 Beauty & the Beast BDD Prof. Sabine Wilhelm 1 day

2012 EMDR Workshop 1 day

2012 Healing Broken Bonds Dr Janina Fisher BPS 2 days

2012 Transdiagnostic CBT for eating Disorders Dr Chris Fairburn 2 days

2011 Minding the Body: Somatic Interventions for Enhancing EMDR Effectiveness. Janina Fisher. 1 Day

2011 BABCP Conference Guildford 4 days including pre-conference workshop on Binge eating & Bulimia

2011 AREBT Conference 2 days including Anorexia Nervosa Rhena Branch

2011 Dissociation of the Personality Prof Ono van De Hart EMDR Conference 1 day

2011 EMDR Annual Conference Bristol 1 day

2011 CBT for long term conditions Southampton Uni 1 Day

2011 CBT for Anger 1 Day Southampton Uni

2011 CBT Groups for Anxiety & Depression Southampton Uni 1 day

2011 Mindfulness Based CBT for Depression Melanie Fennel Southampton Uni 1 day

2010 EMDR for Adults Abused as Children Laurel Parnell 1 Day

2010 EMDR Advanced Training in R-TEP 4.5 hours

2011 Supervising Complex Cases 1-day Stanton Psychological Services

2010 Social Phobia Jennifer Wild Southampton Uni 1 Day

2009-2010 IAPT Supervision Skills Dr Kenneth Gordon & Mark Hardcastle 2.5 days

2008 EMDR European Conference 19 hours

2007 Moving Minds Specialist Study Day 6 hours

2007 Cognitive Therapy for PTSD Nick Grey 1 day


1998 EABCT European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies

1)    Certificate of Attendance in Sexual and Couples Therapies

2)    Certificate of Attendance in Brief Treatment of Specific Phobias

3)    Certificate of Attendance in Cognitive Behavioural Therapies in Delusions

4)    Certificate of Attendance in Cognitive Behavioural Treatment of Personality Disorder

5)    Certificate of Attendance at Annual Conference (22 Hours)

1997      Cruise Seminar of Traumatic Stress and Bereavement

1997      Certificate of Attendance in a two-day Workshop in Gold Counselling ICET




CBT is used to treat depression, anxiety disorders, & phobias. Research has shown CBT to be very effective at helping people come to terms with negative thoughts emotions…

One of the more exciting developments in treating trauma is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Originally formulated by Dr Francine Shapiro in 1989…

It is important that sessions are regular, usually at a frequency of once a week, although Intensive EMDR sessions can be organised. Missed or cancelled sessions are chargeable…

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